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EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar Card

GBA EZ-Flash Advance 2 Power Star

Description: The EZFlash II kit contains a USB linker to connect to your PC and a flash cart.
The perfect product for your Gameboy Advance developing needs.
Supports real-time clock, cheat function, etc.

Power Star Press Release
EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar released
As well known, extending the working time of battery is one of the biggest challenges of portable device design. Though EZ team has released EZ Flash II, the most efficient GBA Backup cart in power consumption two months ago. Here we would proudly release our new product which is EZ Flash II Power Star, called as EZ II PS for short that can extend the working time of GBA or GBA SP's battery more than 60% compare to the most efficient GBA Backup cart at present. EZII PS uses the Flash ROM chip that work under power supply of 1.8V instead of Flash ROM chip that work under power supply of 3.3V, it's the major secret why EZII PS can be so efficient in power consumption.

Installation Info:
1. Unzip the latest client software found at the bottomo of this page.
2. Extract to c:\ezflash
3. Put the flashcart into the linker and connect the USB port. Windows should say new hardware found and start the hardware wizard. You have 2 options, let windows install automatically or manually install. Choose the 2nd manual install. The second part of the wizard allows you to select a folder to search in. Choose c:\ezflash\driver Windows should find the driver and install it. It will give a warning about XP signing but you can click continue anyways. When it's done, another wizard will start again. Again, choose the second option. Point to c:\ezflash\driver Windows will give you 2 choices for the driver. Choose ezwriter.inf
4. Start the EZClient.exe file. You may see it say on the lower left cart not found or cart not recognized. Unplug the USB cable and plug it back in. EZClient should now show the flashcart size.


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