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EZ-Flash 3 GBA Advance Linker Card

EZflash III
The feature of EZ3:

Larger loader of Built-in 32mbits Flash. Loader will no longer take up ROM space.Built-in EZPDA software. With EZPDA software you can browse the text and picture or launch the game on EZ-DISK directly. That means you do not need to make the ROM for reading books or looking pictures with third-party software, just only drag text and picture files into the cart. The picture size can up to 2000 x 1500 and 1:1 display. You can edit the contact information of your friends in PC and write it to EZ3 cart, so that you will be able to find out your friend whenever and wherever with the help of your EZ Flash.The memo is combined with the real time clock reminds the important incident in time.

Have a real file system, capacity up to EZ-DISK of 1Gbits-8Gbits (128MB-1024MB ) When you connect the EZ3 Cart to the EZ Writer II, it's a USB disk exactly.

3. Drag and drop to write the data.
You can copy the files or whole folder from any folders in your PC to the EZ3 Cart by dragging the file or the folder and drop it into programming software directly. It also means that you can delete the ROM from EZ3 Cart and add the ROM to the EZ3 Cart randomly and arbitrarily instead of sequentially.

4. ROM compression
It supports the optional function of ROM compressing. With this option, you can compress the ROM into 50% of the original size to save the storage space. The cost of using this function is that you must to wait 12 seconds before you can run a 64Mbit ROM, the larger ROM the longer to wait.

5.Realtime clock
The real time clock can compatible all kinds of known real time'ROM. The memo function of EZPDA can remind you the important incident according to the present clock.

6.Dual cheat engine
We also update the cheat engine to second generation. You can cheat the newest game without waiting for the official updated database of XCODE. A cheat select window will appear when you start a cheat enabled ROM to choose which cheat option you want to use in this game session. If you can not use the cheat directly because of ROM compatibility, the official XCODE will always be available later to supply a more compatible cheat.

7.Dual soft reset
As the cheat engine, soft reset function of ROM also gets two versions, the faster and self-help one and the official and the more compatible one.

8.SMS (Saver Manage System)
The SMS improved more powerful with the large storage of EZ-DISK. Each game can keep unlimited pieces of saver in theory before they reach the capacity of EZ-DISK, you can choose the different saver before you start the game. Savers can be deleted on GBA.

9.Ultimate development platform
EZ3 offered a huge storage and additional RAM to break the limit of GBA console. Developers can do more stuff on it as their wish. We will provide the completely SDK to the developers which owned EZ3 later.


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