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Nintendo does not have a monopoly on making games for GB ADVANCE - there is a large community of third party developers who are programming software for the console and releasing it for free. New games and demos come out every month. Here are links to the GBADEV (Gameboy Development) archive:

Gameboy Advance Pokemon ROMs Download.

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Latest FreeWare Gameboy Advance Roms

Yeti 3D Quake for Game Boy. The goal of this project was to create an engine that would show of 3D capabilities of the console. As a result you can play around with these playable demo roms and see that GBA is cable of running games like Quake at full speed - simply amazing.

gba 3d rom

Yeti3D has been fully optimized with a ASM texture mapped and VLOD. The engine has been tested on real hardware and runs at ~15-20 FPS.

Pokemon Emulator
Demo2 "The Temple"
Yeti3D Quake Style Demo
Yeti3D GBA Final


Commercial Gameboy Advance Roms

Latest FreeWare Gameboy Advance Roms
zelda gba roms yugioh roms and Final Fantasy Emulator.

Astro Boy Final Fantasy I & 2 FFTA Grand Theft Auto GBA Advance
Urbz Sims in the City Pokemon FireRed LeaGreen Emerald Ruby Lord of the Rings LOTR
Zelda The Minish Cap

Best way to play ROMS

gba flash cardsThe best way to play Gameboy Advance Roms is using GBA Flash Memory Cards!
Use Emulators to preview games on PC but when you really want to enjoy them the way they were meant to be played burn them to a Game Boy flash memory card and play them in GBA!


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GBA games on DSi
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