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GBA Flash Advance Cards and GBA Flash Memory Writable Cards are a very good way to get the most of your Gameboy Advance SP experience. These cards are developement kits which are used to transfer games for the PC directly to a cartidge which can be played in the Gameboy Advance GBA system. This is the same method used by game developers when making games for the GBA. Download free GBA roms and flash / transfer the GBA rom files backup to your GBA cartridge. It can be done over and over, one you finish a game, just delete it off the card and put in another one. It's as simple as that! Head over to the GBA Flash Advance Cards section and learn more about different types of Cartridges for the Gameboy Advance GBA, and read reviews on which ones work best, and will be the best value for you!

flash2avance linker f2a
XG2 Turbo Plus

XG2 Turbo Plus
[1] The first battery changeable DIY design in the world,you don't need headachy with the battery problem again, present 3 pcs hi-power Lion batteries in the retail packing, you change the battery in 10 seconds, easy job!
[2] The new design plastic case, use professional industrial class PC materials to inject, the feeling is very exquisite and 100% suitable with SP.
[3] Come with XG2T USB LINKER V2,burning function and GBA/SP charger 2 in 1.
[4] Build in super big REAL SMS system, never use any flash space to save the SMS data and menu,1GB can save full multi-title data.
[5] Can continue working over 10 hours on SP, the longest continue working time in the world.
[6] Use improved circuit, more stable.


XG2Turbo 2005
* Come with the smallest USB full speed loader in the world,the size of loader just same with one gba cart,
support NDS.

* Build in the first battery changeable system in the world,you can replace the battery in one second!

* Support TEXT / HTM / GIF / JPG / NES / PC-E / GB etc. file format,directly burn.

* Game time / Hardware save / SMS / Power consume saving ....

* Full range of memory size, from 128M ~ 1024M,full set include XGTurbo 2005 cart / USB
2.0 extension able / 2 set cell bettery and USB loader.


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You can buy GBA Flash Memory Cards in following on-line stores:

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XG-Flash Card - great design with rtc, super memory stick for save game management and good linker /  writer.

G6-Flash Card - newcomer in the flash market with ok software, g6 PDA soft and card with nand and nor mem.

GB-Bridge for Flash2Advance - adapter for using F2A cards on GB COLOR and/or playing GB GBC roms on GBA

GBA Movie Player - designed for playing movies, mp3 and ebooks but can be used to play nes roms and small gb games.

GBA Super Card - new Compact Flash adapter for GBA and Nintendo DS similar to movie player but can play GBA roms.

Nintendo Play-Yan - original MP3 and MPEG4 player for GBA SP and NDS with support for small games playing.

GBA QBus QBoy - 2in1 flash writer that doubles as game pad and QBoy software that allows download gba roms free.

XG-Flash 2 Turbo 2005 - external miniature USB writer model for XG2T cards. Makes XGflash Nintendo DS compatible.





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